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You Focus on Your Business. We’ll Handle the Tech.

At CSI we strive to provide your organization with unmatched IT services that include the technological expertise and resources to support highly reliable, extremely secure, and endlessly flexible IT systems.


Get IT Support

In-house IT tech on vacation? No IT tech? Reap the benefits of CSI:

Full-Service Help Desk

There is never a good time to have a technical issue. Thankfully, CSI is here to help 24/7, 365 days a year.

Experience and Expertise

Working with CSI means you are not just hiring one person. We are an entire company with a collective knowledge greater than one in-house employee or IT team.

Increase Your Security with Specialized IT Engineering

Cyber attacks and online security threats happen daily and do not discriminate when it comes to business size, industry, or location. CSI specializes in network security so you will be able to better protect your company against potentially devastating threats.

Financial Savings

When you use CSI instead of an in-house employee, you save on taxes, benefits, and similar employee expenses. With a team of focused specialists we also help prevent downtime caused by predictable issues and can mend the unforeseen much quicker.

Get Help with IT Projects

Hire a highly specialized engineering team dedicated to the upgrade or redesign of your critical business systems and data within your IT environment.

IT System and Infrastructure Design

Design is the key stage of creation and/or upgrade of any IT infrastructure or IT system.

CSI has over 30 years of accumulated experience in IT projects for large and small organizations in many different industries. Consequently, we guarantee our results, our deadlines, and the quality and cost of our projects.

Certified Engineers

Certified in a wide range of technical areas, our team of technicians and engineers can work remotely and on-site in order to handle all of your IT project needs.

Network and Data Center Implementations

Our experienced team of engineers can assist with your business computer networking solutions from network architecture to data center implementations

Network Security

Specialized engineers will work on your network security and protect your IT infrastructure from any threat, keeping your business secure and protected.

Remote Work and Cloud Solutions

Remote Work 

Simple Solutions for End Users

We work with Sonicwall's technology to provide a flexible, easy-to-use, and easy-to-manage Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution that provides remote and/or mobile users with secure, reliable access to corporate servers via any internet connection.

With more and more Employees working from home – WFH, don’t make these 5 common mistakes:

  •  Allowing your employee to login from anywhere can be dangerous. Limit where, when, and how your employee can login
  •  Not knowing when your employee logged in & when they logged off can expose you to lost productivity or worse - penalties for overtime or undocumented meal breaks. 
  • Allowing an employee to use their personal computer instead of providing one you can control • Ensure their web browsing habits don’t infect your corporate network; their virus can become your virus
  • Most importantly, prevent your employee from downloading confidential information such as client and vendor lists, pricing information, client documents with Social Security number, financial information, etc.

RainDrop computing was specifically engineered to address all these issue and more. Call us today and see if you qualify for our no obligation 60-day trial and adopt RainDrop so you can regain control.  More information>>


Convert your physical server into multiple unique and isolated virtual servers. 

Minimal Downtime

When a disaster affects a physical server, replacing or fixing it could take hours, or even days. With a virtualized environment, it’s easy to provision and deploy, allowing you to replicate or clone the virtual machine that’s been affected. The recovery process would take mere minutes as opposed to the hours it would take to provision and set up a new physical server.

Increased Productivity for Your IT Team

With virtualization, IT teams are no longer tasked with replacing or maintaining hardware. Using virtualization allows your team to simply clone and deploy a new resource without having to struggle with repairs and recovery that could waste valuable time they could otherwise spend on business-critical projects. 

Reduced Operating Costs

Through the consolidation of the applications onto virtualized environments, you will need fewer physical machines, helping you spend significantly less money on servers and maintenance.

Voice Over IP Solutions

Why contend with the traditional analog-based telephone system, when you can switch to a cheaper, more practical communication system?

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It is easy to grow your business with Allworx, be it a small number of users in one location or many working all over the country. Allworx VoIP phone systems include traditional phone features familiar to most users.


CSI Technology Partners

Since 1986 we have worked along the finest technology vendors to ensure your success. Just like our partnerships with our clients, we work just as hard to be great partners to our vendors. We commit to multi-year partnerships, attend regular trainings and obtain and maintain certifications from the best companies out there.


Let Our Team Join Yours

Our managed IT programs are a desirable substitute or addition to an in-house IT staff. We deliver high impact IT solutions for your business, allowing you to focus on operating effectively. We take on all time consuming tasks:

24/7 help desk support

Monitoring, alerting, and patching of all systems

Advanced IT security protection

Backup management and replication