Virtualization (VM Ware)

HP, VMware


Reasons for Moving to Virtualization

If you’re trying to decide if virtualization is right for your company, consider these reasons for taking the virtualization plunge:

  • It saves money:
    Virtualization reduces the number of physical servers required to run your apps, which means savings on costs associated with hardware, power and cooling.
  • It reduces system administration work: 
    With virtualization in place, system administrators would not have to support so many machines and could then move from firefighting to more strategic administration tasks.
  • It gets better use from hardware: 
    Virtualization enables higher utilization rates of hardware because each server supports enough virtual machines to increase its utilization from the typical 15% to as much as 80%.
  • It makes software installation easier: 
    With software vendors tending more and more towards delivering their products preinstalled in virtual machines (also known as virtual appliances), much of the traditional installation and configuration work associated with software will disappear.
  • It’s good for the environment: 
    Virtualization is a green technology through and through. Energy savings brought on by widespread adoption of virtualization technologies would negate the need to build so many power plants and would thus conserve our earth’s energy resources.

Where to Start?

Getting started can be challenging. You need to find the appropriate software, network, server, and storage configurations.
CSI can…
  1. Evaluate your current server workloads.
  2. Define your system architecture.
  3. Select your virtualization software and hosting hardware.
  4. Migrate your existing servers to the new virtualization environment.
  5. Administer your virtualized environment.