Site Assessment

Let us take a look ‘under the hood’ to let you know the real status of your Network

  • Looking to install a new network?
  • Planning to upgrade your existing network?
  • Need to identify potential “bottlenecks” if you expand your network?
  • Concerns on existing cabling?
  • Need recommendations regarding your existing data backup methods?

These are just some of the questions a thorough site survey conducted by CSI will answer. Planning is the key to all sound business decisions. So many times we have seen companies charge ahead with implementing new computer networks without considering all the variables. A site survey conducted by CSI will provide the detailed information your organization needs to make a sound business decision regarding your computer network needs.


CSI’s hardware site survey includes:

  • Inventory all existing personal computers and file servers to include:
    • CPU speed
    • Amount of RAM
    • Hard drive (total space & space remaining)
    • Operating system version
  • Inspect existing cabling for Gigabit rating.
  • Is the cabling system labeled and is there a floor plan presentation?
  • Test all network cabling.
  • Printer inventory and current network printer configurations.
  • Inspection of tape drive, tape media and backup methods currently in place.
  • Inventory power protection devices and identify any additional requirements.
  • Environmental concerns like ventilation, heat and location of equipment.
  • Identify potential security concerns, both internal and external.
  • Test Internet Line Speed