Exchange Email Hosting

Our hosted Exchange platform provides a central location for all of your users’ email; all email is stored in the cloud instead of on each individual’s workstation. Your mailbox will be backed up each night, and CSI provides a 90 day retention period. Your monthly fee includes 2 hours of labor, SPAM filtering, and tech support in the United States.

Other benefits of using CSI’s hosted Exchange service includes group contacts, group calendars, and group task lists. There are also no Outlook inbox limitations; simply contact us if more space is required.

Setup costs vary due to the following:

– Transfer time of email from your old host to our Exchange cloud services; on average this is roughly 3-4 days of labor.  A number of factors can affect this timeframe, including the download speed from your existing email host and the size of each user’s mailbox.  All labor will be billable at CSI’s standard rate for clients not under agreement.

– At any time you may request a data dump of your Hosted Exchange for archival purposes for an additional fee.

Additional labor will be charged for the following conditions:

  1. Each additional Domain name – (1 hour)
  2. Importing of existing email account information per user – depending on the size of the current PST file or Exchange server usage (1-6 hours per email account)
  3. Any application that links or utilizes Exchange to send email (2-8 hours)
  4. Any copiers that will send email (2-4 hours)
  5. Voice Mail Systems that integrates with Exchange (2-8 hours)
  6. Inbound faxing functions on Exchange (2-4 hours)
  7. Scanning functions that integrate with Exchange (2-4 hours)
  8. Older smart phone, older Blackberry devices or devices that are not supported by Exchange 2010 (2-4 hours per device)
  9. Existing Email accounts that do not use Outlook (1-2 hours)
  10. Any issues with accessing client’s existing DNS or MX information (2-4 hours)