Cloud Services FAQ

Q: Where is the CSI Cloud System located?

A: We are 100% USA based. Nothing is outsourced and there is no need for you to learn a foreign language when you call our friendly, knowledgeable, USA-based support staff!

Q: Can we install our own applications for our organization on the CSI Cloud?

A: We really don’t encourage this practice for security and licensing concerns. We will, however, be more than happy to install your application and even contact the organization that supplies it to ensure we have it tuned and running at it’s optimal configuration. We charge a fixed price if the application is listed on our support software page. We welcome the opportunity to install any new applications that are not listed on our supported page; just call us, we are here to help!orted page and more than half the time this service is FREE! Just call us, we are here to help!

Q: Can I use graphic intensive applications like AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Adobe Photoshop or high-end construction estimating programs like Sage 300 Estimating (Timberline)?

A: We don’t recommend using these applications with the CSI cloud because high-end graphic rendering could be sluggish. There are also licensing concerns with these types of applications. A better solution would be a dedicated onsite PC with minimum requirements of Windows 7 Pro, a 2GB or 4GB video card, 16GB of RAM, 240GB Solid State Drive, and a quad core Intel CPU. Contact CSI for more information and to receive a quote.

Q: Do you update my accounting software in your Cloud when new versions are released?

A: Yes for a fee, and the update would only be performed at your request. If preferred, you can also have your Software reseller handle the updates.

Q: What version of Sage 50, 100, 300 does CSI Cloud Services support?

A: Our Cloud Services support ANY and ALL versions of Sage software that were released in the last 10 years.

Q: Will all of the features of my software application work with your Cloud services?

A: Absolutely, so long as your application is on our supported application list.  If your application is not there – please contact us! Our Engineers enjoy testing new applications.

Q: Do I need a firewall at my location?

A: Yes and No. For remote sites with only a few users there is usually no requirement for a dedicated hardware firewall. For locations where there are 4 or more users, we highly encourage a hardware firewall solution of some kind and highly recommend Sonicwall Firewall Products. The majority of our Engineers are Sonicwall Certified so please feel free to take advantage of our expertise by contacting us with any questions or concerns. We can determine what specific model would best suit your requirements.

Q: What are the support hours for your Cloud Services?

A: Monday thru Friday, 8am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time (excluding National Holidays).

Q: Can my accounting Application be accessed by more than one user at a time?

A: Absolutely, so long as you have the appropriate license agreement for your application! Our Cloud services won’t make a ‘single user’ version of an application become multi-user; if you have a multi-user license of an application then we recommend having the same number of Cloud user accounts.

Q: What if the performance is slow or we realize the Cloud is the wrong solution for our organization?

A: We have a 60 day cancelation policy; you are still responsible for the setup fee UNLESS you purchase a new HP server from CSI. We would then transfer your VM to this server at no charge.

Q: Do I need to be on the internet to access my data / your cloud services?

A: YES! No internet no access!

Q: What if my Internet Connection goes down?

A: Great Question! Regardless of who your Cloud Provider is, if your location only has a single Internet Connection and it’s down, then you are unable to access the CSI Cloud! Keep in mind the majority of our competitors brag about all their redundancy and fail to address this question or even hint that it exists! We highly recommend a secondary Internet Connection with a different Internet Service provider than your existing circuit is with.

Q: Why do you recommend a different Internet Service Provider (ISP) than our current ISP for a secondary / backup Internet Circuit and which ISP does CSI recommend?

A: Based on our expertise and experiences, if your primary Internet Circuit is down more than half the time it’s on the ISP side. If both of your Internet circuits are with the same ISP, then there is a good chance in the case of an outage that both Internet circuits would be down – which defeats the purpose of having a backup circuit! With our long-term relationships with the majority of ISPs nationwide, we can easily help you source a competitive, discounted price for a backup Internet Service Provider. Just call us, we are here to help!

Q: Can I use any of my existing PCs to access the CSI Cloud?

A: Absolutely, so long as the PC is running Windows 7 Pro or a later Windows Operating System. We do not support Windows XP Pro because it is no longer support by Microsoft, AND we highly recommend replacing any of your older XP Pro PCs!

Q: Do I need to install any part of my software application on my PC?

A: Nope! That’s one of the biggest advantages of our Cloud Solution!

Q: Do you ever own my data or software application licensing?

A: Absolutely NOT! It’s your data AND it’s your software so long as you purchased it and there is no claim stated otherwise from the reseller or the author of the application!

Q: What if we have branch offices of work-at-home employees outside of the USA that need access?

A: We currently support any user accessing from inside the USA and Canada and plan to adopt support for other countries in the future. Please contact us so we can add your country to the top of our list of consideration.

Q: Are backups of my data included with the monthly Cloud Hosting Fee?

A: Absolutely! Our Cloud Hosting Fee include backups of your data and applications with a robust 90 day retention policy. Please feel free to contact us if you have ANY concerns about this service. There are numerous Cloud Providers that don’t offer backup services at all and fail to mention this critical issue until something goes wrong!

Q: How often do you backup my data?

A: Nightly, usually between 11:30pm to 4:30am PST

Q: What if I’m already in the CSI Cloud and I purchase a new printer; will CSI help with the installation and configure it for use with the CSI Cloud?

A: So long as the printer is on our supported printer list, setup is handled for a small fee.

Q: Do you offer any discounts for annual or semi-annual payments?

A: Absolutely! Annual payment receives a 10% discount and 5% for semi-annual payments.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: American Express and any Corporate standing PO. We plan to accept VISA and ACH payments in the future. Please feel free to contact us so we can add your name to the list of clients requesting VISA and/or ACH payments.