Alliance Levels

CSI’s Alliance Partner Levels

In today’s increasingly technical environment, it is imperative that small highly specialized firms form alliances with each other to gain the “competitive edge”. CSI’s unique partnering concept is based on a very simple premise:

» You do what you do best : Software

» Let us do what we do best : Hardware

You derive the majority of your profit from selling your software and services – not staying abreast of today’s hardware, network and technical issues. CSI’s expertise is in providing hardware solutions, from the cabling to the network operating system. Increase your Profits by Partnering with CSI and …
  • Stop the finger pointing between hardware & software.
  • Shorten your selling cycle.
  • Get rid of your hardware headaches.
  • Spend more time selling your software.
  • Become a complete solution provider.
  • Present a larger technical presence for your organization.
  • Profit from CSI’s years of networking expertise… since 1986.
  • Benefit from having MCSE’s and CNE’s – just a phone call away!

  • Software developers and consultants require different levels of hardware support.
  • CSI has developed three (3) programs to provide them with the level of support they require to better serve their clients.
General Alliance
Dealer Alliance
Consultant Alliance
Overview The General Alliance Program is tailored to an organization that sells various products of solutions they want to present themselves to their client as a complete solution provider but may not have the in-house resources to provide the entire computer hardware solution. CSI works as a vendor with the organization in much the same way as a sub-contractor would work with a general contractor. From the client standpoint, all business is conducted with the General organization and not with CSI. The Dealer Alliance Program is tailored for those software dealers or sales representatives who derive most of their income selling vertical software packages. Dealers and reps wanting to present themselves to their clients as complete solution providers, without hardware responsibilities, use this program. From the client’s standpoint, CSI and dealers share responsibilities for total solutions. The Consultant Alliance Program is tailored to those software consultants and developers who derive the majority of their income from developing software and selling their labor. Consultants and developers wanting to provide absolute lowest hardware pricing to their clients use this program. From the client’s standpoint, CSI and consultants are separate entities teaming together to assure the client’s success.
Quoting CSI quotes hardware directly to the General Alliance Partner and not the client. CSI quotes the hardware based upon the software requirements; CSI and dealer present solution to the client together. CSI quotes the hardware directly to the client based upon the Consultant’s recommendations and software requirements.
Invoicing CSI invoices the General Alliance Partner directly, not the client. CSI invoices the client directly and provides Dealer with the sales reports. CSI invoices the client and conducts all business directly with the client, separate from the consultant.
Liability CSI’s liability is limited to the General Alliance Partner and not the client. CSI assumes all the liability with the client for services provided by CSI. CSI assumes all liability with the client for services provided by CSI.
Commission General Alliance Partner marks up CSI’s quotation based upon their profit requirements. Commission is not paid by CSI. Commission is paid to Dealer after CSI is paid in full. Commissions are not paid to the consultant.